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Crop and think through the frame during the shooting

Framing and thinking over the frame occupy an important place in the work of the photographer. Cropping a picture is often the decisive factor in conveying the emotions and ideas of the author to the audience.

What is framing and thinking through the frame?
Cropping consists in the photographer choosing the following criteria:

Shooting directions;
Angle of view for the harmonious arrangement of objects in the frame.
In the process of post-processing, the photographer can change accents, emphasize selected elements of the photo. However, it must be remembered and taken into account that framing makes the resolution of the image less.

For a better understanding of thinking through the frame, consider the following photo.

Crop and think through the frame during the shooting

Its main bright spot is the poppy field, but the photographer considered it necessary to include a tree and a building in the picture.

Why did he do it? Of course, to explain exactly where the field is located.

All objects of the picture perfectly complement each other; The picture does not look scattered.

Vertical cropping needs even more attention to detail. It depends on the interaction of the foreground and background.

General guidelines for proper framing
Selection of the main object
Choosing the main object in the photo, you should firmly understand that it is you who go to convey your picture.

With large framing, it is possible to transfer more details of the main object.

If you want to focus on any object, place it on a special place in the frame.

To understand the effect of framing on a picture, compare two photos of the same valley.

The first shot focuses on the fog, as well as the fact that the action takes place in the mountains.

The second shot includes a wider area; we see at home.

In this frame, the photographer does not focus on the fog, but we better understand what kind of terrain appears before us.

Often the background is very important, due to it it turns out to convey the mood of the photo and the scale of the main object; to draw the viewer’s attention to some features.

Thinking over the background, you should take care of the aperture, focal length and other technical characteristics of the photo.

Such parameters help to create a beautiful blur, emphasize movement, highlight the object.

Close attention to detail
For the beauty of the image it is important to pay attention to the size of its main objects.

The presented picture clearly shows how surprisingly the huts are located in the middle of the sea. The size ratio provides the mood and meaning of this photo.

Frame division
The horizon line and all diagonal lines divide the frame into several parts.

The horizon does not always have to stand out clearly.

In this image, the foreground and background are made in the same style. On the left is the wall line, and it directs the viewer’s gaze towards the building on the right.

In general, there is a fairly large selection of techniques for dividing the frame. The basic rule is to keep the connection between objects.

Golden Rule
This rule is optional when building a frame. However, like most of the rest; No need to try to strictly adhere to them.

Professional photographers most often perform cropping intuitively.

And finally: framing is not the main factor when photographing. Much more important is the lighting, sharpness, color reproduction.

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