Wedding portrait
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The history of mobile photography
The cameras on the phones allow you to make high-quality and beautiful pictures and are able to compete with cameras. Of course, this was not always the case, and the…

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How to choose the right angle for a photo?

Perspective – the position of the camera relative to the plot. While photographing, it is impossible not to notice the impact it has on the entire composition of the photograph.

Thus, the choice of the right angle is one of the main talents of the photographer.

Types of shooting with different angles
Shooting at any level
Such a variation implies finding a camera lens parallel to the subject. Thanks to this perspective, the overall ease of the photo is achieved.

In addition, it is permissible to use the bottom view when the object is located above the camera. So it is possible to show the importance of the model and even increase it a little. However, you should not use this perspective in portrait photography (in order to avoid significant disproportionality).

Shooting parallel to ground level
This method is used when the photographer wants to personalize the subject with maximum clarity. The camera is located almost on the ground.

Shooting from above
The camera during such shooting is placed above the photographic object. Due to this, objects become much smaller; You can make a comparison between the actual dimensions of objects in different photos.

Top angle
The device is located on top of the object. In this situation, only animated objects should be photographed.

Recommendations for choosing angles
You must constantly remember the balance in the composition, as well as the horizontal and vertical balances.
To make a photo natural, you should not shoot at eye level. Photos from the height of the object come out much more attractive.
When approaching the object to be removed, it will be possible to make the photo larger. Consequently, the feeling of intimacy will be transmitted.
Working with the shadows is achieved volumetric images.
Transfer the background will help the location of the camera over the object.
Using a variety of reflections will make the photo more alive, add graphic.
Choosing the right angle often guarantees a great composition.
A good shot depends on many factors. To a large extent, from the composition and subject.

If you are shooting a person, it is important that he was comfortable. Otherwise it will be very noticeable on the final result.

Often, models have a misunderstanding of where to put their hands. Most photographers are advised to cross them on the chest: so the picture will be very impressive.

For photos with a group of people it is recommended:
Do not align participants in one row;
Ensure that their heads are not on the same level.
Better looking photos with the arrangement in two rows.

Common mistakes made by photographers
Random characters in the frame. They not only spoil the focus, but also do not allow to concentrate on a separate subject;
Additional details also prevent viewers from taking the plot conceived by the photographer;
Cropped details look completely inelegant in the photo; significantly spoil the impression;
The worst mistake is a violation of the proportions in the picture. Of course, if this was not done on purpose, as part of the photographer’s idea.
How to choose the right angle for a photo?
A successful snapshot is impossible without the right composition and good mood. And following the above tips, the photographer will be able to clearly and expressively embody all his ideas.

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