The story of the emergence of documentary photographs
Documentary photography is one of the directions of photography, which reflects the events that took place in reality. The goals of this trend are: the creation of a photographic document,…

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The main subject of photography in photoanimalistics is animals. Photoanimalism (from the Latin word “animal” - animal) is photographing animals in their natural habitat. Shooting animals in the wild is…

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Fashion photography
Today, one of the most interesting, popular, and current trends in photo art is “Fashion”. Stylish, diverse, bright and seductive, with a hint of provocation and scandalous fashion photography shows…

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The most famous photographers in the world

Fame photographer bring his work. The list of famous masters of photography includes people who are able to display their vision of the world, are attentive to the little things and have a high professional level.

List of famous photographers of the world
Irving Penn
A photographer from America, who became famous for his work performed in the aftermath of World War II. Works for the magazine “Vogue”, in his pictures uses the technique of white and gray backgrounds, which made him famous. His photos are always overtaking time. A series of nude photographs caused a great stir.

Yusuf Karsh
Canadian master with Armenian roots. He specialized in portrait photography. For all his professional activities, he performed portraits of the leaders of the United States of America, the 4th laval of the Vatican, the prime ministers of Great Britain, the heads of the USSR, in addition Albert Einstein, Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, and other famous personalities.

Richard Avedon
A native of New York. He was famous for his innovative perception of models. In 1946 he opened his own photo studio. In his photographs showed models in natural light. Many of his photographs were posted in periodicals, such as Vogue and Life. He has been repeatedly awarded for his art, his works are known all over the world.

Robert Capa
Born in Hungary, a Jew by birth. Initially, Kapa did not want to engage in photography, but it so happened that he became a photo reporter. Thanks to his courage, adventurism and outstanding artistic talent, he managed to become one of the most famous military reporters of the last century.

Henri Cartier-Bresson
A photographer from France had a significant influence on the development of photojournalism. International fame came to him after the pictures taken at the funeral of Gandhi in India. I traveled to different countries and was sure that the art of a photojournalist consists in fixing the right moment. Many consider him the founder of the photo essay.

Dorothea Lange
American by birth. Engaged in photography and photojournalism. In her works, she reflected the lives of ordinary American citizens left without a home and money, which had nothing to hope for in life. Her pictures were always bright, realistic, they penetrated into the very soul.

Ueno Hikoma
He was born in Japan. Became popular due to portrait and landscape shots. He performed his first works in his commercial studio, where he acquired portrait shooting skills. Filmed so many famous personalities of his time. At the end of the nineteenth century, executed a portrait of the son of the Russian emperor.

Anna-Lou Leibovitz
American photo artist. Engaged in performing portraits of celebrities. Now she is the most sought-after specialist in her field among women. Pictures of Leibovitz appear on the covers of the most popular publications. The photographer made nude photos of such stars as John Lennon and Betty Midler, Whoopi Goldberg, etc. She was able to break the standards of beauty in the fashion world. She was able to see and show the surrounding beauty in the faces of older people and imperfect figures.

Leonard Nilson
Born in Sweden. Engaged in photography and science. He is famous for being able to photograph what is not visible to the human eye. He created a microcamera that can even remove vessels. And his famous work “The Birth of Life” revealed the secrets of its creation.

Each of these photographers left their mark on photography. Their work will live forever.

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