History of the first photo album
A photo album is a true family value that is inherited from parents to children. However, in reality, even a very high-quality photo album cannot serve for more than half…

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Wedding portrait
Wedding photography as a general genre is interesting because it combines two styles at once - reportage and staged portraiture. Wedding portraits occupy the most important and significant place in…

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Fashion portrait
The word "Fashion" literally translates from English as "fashion", "fashionable." Fashion portrait is a portrait made in the style of Fashion and corresponding to all the canons of this style;…

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History of the profession of the photographer

A photographer is a person capable of capturing amazing moments of life with a camera and preserving a particle of the whole inner world in his works. You can get involved in photography at any age, but this requires time, effort and desire. Required qualities of the master are good shooting skills, imagination and aesthetic taste.

This activity includes the following steps: preparation for taking photographs, the process of photographing itself, and finalizing images with the help of graphic editors.

The emergence of the photographic profession
This specialty originates in 1839 – the first acquaintance of the society with the photo process. It was then that Louis Daguer at a meeting of the Academy of Sciences and the Academy of Fine Arts in France presented his invention.

Although photographers made a lot of effort and imagination to make their photos look extraordinary, they were not perceived as art for a long time. They often used editing and printing from several negatives.

Popularization of the profession of the photographer
At the end of the last century, equipment became less in volume and easier to handle, methods of fixing photographs on paper developed. Popularity gained such a direction as photojournalism. Since that time, this.

There were two distinct directions in photography: realistic and formative.

The Danish Press Photographers Union was formed – the first professional organization created by several photo reporters. Specialists in the field of reporting in their works often reflected social problems, such as inequality of different sectors of society, poverty, the use of child labor, etc. At first, information about the authorship of the pictures was not printed.

In the first half of the twentieth century, a method of “instant photo” appeared, which did not involve the processing of photographs. In this regard, the profession began to be perceived as a very simple and even primitive occupation. But the photo stepped on and came out in line with the works of art.

Photography as a type of activity at the present stage
Now this specialty is considered prestigious and profitable. The main feature of this work is the demand in various areas of activity, such as journalism, model business, shooting various holidays, etc.

This is a very creative and interesting field of activity that requires constant self-improvement. A specialist needs to be able to find an approach to any client, to have great patience, because sometimes you need to spend a lot of time and effort to get a good result.

Sports photography
Sports photography is a special and very interesting genre of photo art. However, the photographer must have a certain skill in order to be able to catch the necessary moment,…


Photographic installation
Photomontage (the word comes from the ancient Greek, meaning “light” in translation, and the French word “montage” - assembling, lifting, installation) - this is getting photographs by compiling them from…