Self-taught photographer conquered the world with his perfect pictures of nature
Mountain landscape is a genre in photo art, in which the main subject in photography is mountain views, mountain peaks, mountain slopes. The mountains are the real miracle of nature.…

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Blenheim veterinary hospital.
Story Photography
The plot in the photo is an elusive moment, fleeting, and the plot itself is a small life. To be able to show it all in one frame is a…

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Victorian headless portrait (genre of a photoless portrait in photo art)
In the XIX century in the Victorian era in England, thanks to the skills and abilities of the masters of photo art in the pictures, the head was separated from…

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Photojournalism is the direction of journalism that uses photography as the main means of expression.

Distinguishing features of photojournalism
The task of photojournalism is an objective reflection of reality, incidents, the lives of interesting and famous people.

Like any other genre, photojournalism has its own characteristics, among which you can list:

time – photos of this direction must necessarily reflect the chronology of events, they illustrate the news;
objectivity – images must be honest and accurately reflect the incident. The photojournalist should be impartial, he should not reflect his personal impressions in his works, but only record the course of events;
narration – photographs with other components of the news tell the reader or viewer about the essence of what happened. There is no place for abstraction in it. In most cases, such images are supplemented by text messages.
Photojournalism (photography genre for journalism in photo art)
Photojournalists need to be able to quickly navigate the situation and make decisions. They have no time for building a frame in contrast to photo artists, their work is characterized by spontaneity and a bit rough style. In addition, professionals must wear the necessary equipment, being in completely different life situations (floods, fighting, street riots), often quite dangerous.

Varieties of photojournalism
The direction of photojournalism has several varieties:

news – displays the events that are happening at the moment. A photographer who is busy in this direction by providing the media with photographic material from the coming place on-line to post pictures in regular news releases – in print publications or on news websites;
reportage The report is a story that the author tells with the help of photographs. From the news it is distinguished by the length of time. The report does not have to be as quick as the news. The photograph in this case should convey to the viewer the essence of the story, which could be described using, but not so clearly. As a rule, the story has time limits and editorial restrictions;
a documentary photograph resembles the previous view, but it goes beyond the indicated limits. Its purpose is to create a photographic document that captures real events and contains a warning or appeal addressed to the audience. In such a photographic document can be reflected the essence of an entire era or period in the life of the state or of a particular person.

This type of photograph can be subjective and emotional, contain ideological or socially critical overtones. Therefore, it can influence the moods of contemporaries and influence the political situation in the state.

Technical Photography
Technical photograph - a detailed photo image of an object, object or technical apparatus / machine, etc. Technical photography is necessary when you need to accurately display on the image…


Crop and think through the frame during the shooting
Framing and thinking over the frame occupy an important place in the work of the photographer. Cropping a picture is often the decisive factor in conveying the emotions and ideas…