Actors of Alexander Row's cult fairy tale “The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors” years after filming
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Photo collage
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Beauty portrait

“Beauty” is one of the most modern and brightest genres of photo art, which pays special attention to the beauty and personality of the make-up of the model.

Beauty photography is a portrait: beautiful and regular features, open shoulders and a long neck. The genre reveals the work of a stylist, make-up artist, emphasizes make-up and shows it as part of art, creative and relevant.

The photographs depict cosmetics and makeup of different degrees of complexity and with different accents: attention can be paid only to the lips or only the eyes, and skin tone or beautiful eyebrows can be shown.

Where is beauty photo portrait used?
The main task is a beautiful close-up portrait, the transformation of the face with the help of cosmetics. And the main difference from the usual portrait – the transfer of style, gloss, beauty and luxury, without taking into account the psychological nuances, the display of character and complex emotions.

Today this genre is very popular. Beauty photos make up most of the portfolio of models, both beginner and professional. Such pictures do not carry any important information for the audience, but show the diversity of the model, her ability to get used to the proposed image, shows her professional character.

Beauty portrait (genre of photo makeup in photo art)

Most often, beauty photos are used in advertising cosmetics and beauty services, as well as to create beautiful and attractive images in jewelry advertising. Here it is more important to make a choice in favor of a beautiful and smooth skin. Sometimes the unusual appearance of the model makes the frame more expressive and successful. It is important for a photographer to be able to create an interesting and unbanal image of the advertised product, to fit it harmoniously into the frame.

Features of the process of shooting photos of makeup
Models and actresses are the most suitable for this genre, they easily fit into any image and have regular features.

Specialists who work in this genre, advise models starting their journey to use the services of several photographers. This makes it possible to get several views on her appearance, markedly different from each other. However, if the photographer sees the potential of the girl and can reveal it, show it from different sides and in different images, you can get an excellent portfolio without attracting other photo artists.

For a high-quality photo, a model must necessarily understand what is required of it. Only then will it become clear to viewers which product is advertised in the photo, whether it be mascara, lipstick or a ring with precious stones. The image should correspond to the chosen product, but not distract the attention of potential customers, not be too bright, “screaming” or aggressive.

A photographer should not be afraid of experiments with lighting, angles, building a composition and the subsequent processing of photos in special programs. Often it is an unexpected decision that goes far beyond the generally accepted framework that becomes the key to getting a masterpiece.

It is best to take photos in the highest possible resolution. With subsequent processing, such photos become better and more natural. Most photographers prefer a neutral background and uniform illumination, but it happens that in the process of shooting the background space becomes almost invisible and does not even fall into the frame.

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