Technical Photography
Technical photograph - a detailed photo image of an object, object or technical apparatus / machine, etc. Technical photography is necessary when you need to accurately display on the image…

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The main subject of photography in photoanimalistics is animals. Photoanimalism (from the Latin word “animal” - animal) is photographing animals in their natural habitat. Shooting animals in the wild is…

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History of advertising photography
American historians believe that the first advertising photographs appeared in the XIX century. Of course, they were not as bright and beautiful as in our days. During its rather long…

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Emotional photo portrait

One of the types of “psychological” portrait portrait is an emotional portrait. It is an interesting separate portrait genre, which is very popular. The main object of such a photo is bright emotions and mood, and they should be transmitted to the audience. It can be any kind of emotion: both joy and sadness, anger, fear or delight. There are many options.

The photomaster “captures” the essence of a person, as well as such aspects as social and material status, the history of his life.

Emotions as a subject of photography
Every day we meet a large number of people, but only some of them remain in our memory, thanks to some elusive mood and external features. For reasons we do not understand, they remain for a long time in our subconscious.

The answer here is very simple and it consists in ordinary emotions. It does not matter whether they are negative or positive. The main thing is that they were in the photo and were bright, clear and exciting.

An emotional portrait is, first of all, a very expressive picture that reveals a person as a person.

The main distinguishing feature of the photograph is the brightly pronounced emotional state in the picture, it is necessarily transmitted to the audience. Sadness is either joy, anger or fear, joy or surprise, ecstasy or peace – it does not matter, there are so many different emotions and borderline states for which, perhaps, there are not even suitable names in our language. However, they are quite tangible and understandable to the audience.

How to create an emotional photo portrait?
Each portrait, which shows sincere emotions, is permanently remembered and leaves a vivid impression. It is very important to learn how to convey emotions through the camera lens, without distorting them.

People who are alone with a camera often try to play with feelings, to depict them, becoming for a moment a professional actor. Therefore, it is so difficult to photograph real feelings, genuine.

Very often photographs are obtained unreliable and artificial, dull and inconspicuous. This is because the person cannot fully relax in front of the lens. It may seem to the model that something is being done wrongly — a smile is not like that, a pose, an expression of the eyes, and so on. A photographer should be able to find an approach to any person and should be able to convince that everything is good, everything turns out and everything goes as it should. This can take a lot of time and a lot of shots, but in the end it’s worth it.

It is good to constantly talk to the model, managing to press the shutter button to tell jokes or interesting stories. At such moments, get interesting shots and you can catch a sincere laugh or surprise.

The easiest way to get joy and laughter, surprise. And if we talk about a family or group photo shoot – a manifestation of tenderness, love, care.

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