Beauty portrait
“Beauty” is one of the most modern and brightest genres of photo art, which pays special attention to the beauty and personality of the make-up of the model. Beauty photography…

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Paparazzi photos
Paparaction photos are not so much an interesting genre and art, but rather a complex skill. The main task is to convey the “piquant” moment that happened to some popular…

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Wedding portrait
Wedding photography as a general genre is interesting because it combines two styles at once - reportage and staged portraiture. Wedding portraits occupy the most important and significant place in…

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Black and white photography

Black and white photography – the ancestor of all types and genres of photography. The most commonly used abbreviation of this genre is B / W, from the English expression “black & white”.

Black and white shots have retained their relevance even after the appearance of both color and digital photography, and today many photographers translate color shots into black and white, thereby increasing the spectacularity and artistry of the frame.

A black and white photo does not distract viewers with bright colors, allowing you to enjoy the shapes and contents of the image, the idea and feelings of the photographer.

Modern development of black and white photography
Today this genre has not lost its significance and is often used when working in portrait and art photography, as well as in nu-pictures. Like no other, black and white images convey and emphasize the play of shadows and light, clarity and depth of lines, smoothness.

Bright contrasts, transitions, numerous shades of gray – fascinate, carry away an interesting play of light, shadows and penumbra.

Black and white frames are calm and measured, do not differ in brightness and flashiness, defiant colors. The focus is on the subject, the game of shadows, composition. The photographer needs to make incredible efforts so that the photo reveals the artistic intent, conveys the idea, mood and feelings to the audience.

A black and white picture is a photo artist’s ability to see the world in a slightly different way, a certain path to perfection, knowledge of the environment without being tied to bright colors. Almost all monochrome shots convey to the audience a romantic, slightly sad mood with hints of nostalgia. They give us the opportunity to dream, contemplate, imagine, transfer from the colorful “now” to the distant and bright past.

Features black and white photography
Make a deep and beautiful photo can only be a photographer who is able to see and understand the world in black and white color, able to see the moment that is most suitable for the expression of his artistic intention. It is rather difficult to develop this rare gift, but undoubtedly it is worth the effort and effort spent.

Black and white images are unique in that they convey emotional experiences, depth of feelings andotionality wit emhout the usual abundance of colors.

First of all, a color photo attracts attention with saturation and brightness, and only then the audience can see the idea, composition or philosophical thought in it. Bright hues distract our attention. A monochrome photograph, on the other hand, is catching, turning its gaze on itself by design.

If the photographer is endowed with a special sense of style, he can create an incredible in depth and emotionality photograph.

Black and white photography remains to this day a classic among amateurs and professionals of photography, and the classic is most complicated by its simplicity.

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