The invention of negative and positive by William Talbot
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History of the first photo album
A photo album is a true family value that is inherited from parents to children. However, in reality, even a very high-quality photo album cannot serve for more than half…

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Tourist photography
Travel photography (from the English expression “travel photo”) is a separate genre of photo art, which reflects the traveler’s impressions and feelings, travel observations: natural and cultural characteristics, ethnic nuances,…

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Paparazzi photos

Paparaction photos are not so much an interesting genre and art, but rather a complex skill. The main task is to convey the “piquant” moment that happened to some popular and famous person.

Many popular people hate the paparazzi, but there are those who willingly share with the photographers their schedule of the day and enjoy the next scandalous pictures. Fame depends most of all on the mention in the media, and there is no difference in what light to appear before the public. The important thing is not to fall out of the information space.

Such photos are conventionally divided into two types.

the first is idle curiosity (who was with someone on vacation or another loud party, who bought what kind of car, etc.).
The second kind is to calm self-esteem (celebrities appear here without makeup, in home clothes, unshaven, with problem skin, etc.).
Photos paparazzi (genre paparatscionny photography in photo art)
Kirsten dunst on the beach

The main task of any paparazzi is to be in the wrong place for a popular person and at an inappropriate time and to capture an absolutely inappropriate occupation in the picture.

Features of the paparazzi photographer
The photographer must have a whole set of character traits. To succeed, he must be persistent, fearless, quick and, of course, arrogant. Those who work in this genre often face contempt and aggression, despair and hatred. It is also important desire for quick money.

Unlike other genres, the quality of the photograph and the artistic value of the image do not matter. A competent photographer who knows how to work with color, composition of a picture, light, and features of the character being shot, can easily lie in the bushes for a long time by clicking the shutter several times. The price of such a picture will be very high.

When working paparazzi often use long-focus lenses. But in some cases, they prefer the inconspicuous compact, which at any time can be hidden, or amateur “soapbox”. This allows them to look like ordinary fans.

The web of the photographer’s connections is complex and confusing: they bribe the ndants, make inquiries, watch attetheir “victims”. It also happens that they have to rent not only motorcycles and cars, but also yachts and helicopters.

Attitude towards paparatation photos
Scandalous pictures quickly fly around the world. They are printed not only in glossy magazines and the yellow press, but also on numerous Internet space sites. It doesn’t matter what the photos are. One thing is important – they satisfy general curiosity. Almost all of these photos are loved and looked at, but all that is needed is to mention the photographers who made them – the usual outrage and talk about the violation of people’s rights to privacy immediately arise.

A very significant role in the appearance of such an opinion was played by the tragic and notorious story of Princess Diana, who had an accident, according to one of the versions, due to the paparazzi. In the press, this topic was well publicized and had an impact on the appearance of a rather negative public opinion towards photographers and their methods of work, but at the same time did not diminish interest in the photos themselves.

You can be sure that the paparazzi “stand guard”, even if rather peculiar, of justice. They “collect tribute” from public figures for their lifestyle, celebrity and popularity, and give it to society, satisfying curiosity. If one imagines that all the paparazzi have disappeared at once, then one can hardly see the joy both in society and in the media, not to mention the heroes of the pictures themselves.

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