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The main subject of photography in photoanimalistics is animals. Photoanimalism (from the Latin word “animal” – animal) is photographing animals in their natural habitat.

Shooting animals in the wild is a complex and very specific genre of photo art. The main difference of this genre is a long and extremely unpredictable period of preparation for shooting, which may well take several months. In addition, the photographer needs to find the object being photographed and not miss a single opportunity to make a unique frame.

Working with animals is not only interesting, but also incomparable. Unable to get two identical photos.

Difficulties and nuances of animal photography
Photographing animals in natural conditions (in English “wildlife” – wild life) is difficult, first of all, with financial expenses for organizing trips, photographic equipment and additional equipment, correspondence with authorities and heads of national parks, purchasing a license, and attracting many people to help.

Photoanimalism (genre of animal photography in photo art)

Moreover, the animal photographer must understand animals, be a zoopsychologist and a biologist, otherwise all the efforts spent on the preparation of the expedition will be wasted.
Often the only thing the photographer does while working is waiting. Patiently and for a long time waiting for the right moment and angle. It is impossible to remove the animal “from a swoop” and get great shots. It happens that the photographer has only a few shooting days, while it took six months or more to prepare the trip.

Basic principles of photoanimalistics
Animals are not divided into beautiful and ugly, it is important to find in each animal something special, “human”, unique and transmit it through a photograph. Tenderness or care, anger or fear, indifference or confusion – all these are the emotions of the animal world that a photographer should be able to catch and convey to the viewer.

There are no specific rules in the photo-genre genre. The basic rule that all photographers follow is experiment. Only by experimenting you can achieve a good result, get amazing photos.

One of the features of shooting the animal world is their unpredictability. It is impossible to explain to an animal what the photographer wants, it is impossible to make them pose, stay in one place or depict any emotion. The animals are very mobile, so it is important to always be on the alert, not to miss the moment that is most successful for pressing the shutter release button.

And, of course, you need to be patient and observe the safety rules, communicating with representatives of the fauna.

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