Daguerreotype photo from Louis Daguerre
In addition to the famous Niepce, Louis Daguerre conducted many experiments on image fixing with the help of a camera obscura. This Frenchman in his time was a famous artist.…

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incasol farmacia del ahorro
Victorian headless portrait (genre of a photoless portrait in photo art)
In the XIX century in the Victorian era in England, thanks to the skills and abilities of the masters of photo art in the pictures, the head was separated from…

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Reportage photography
The word “report” familiar to many came from the French “reporter” - “carry”, and English - “report”, which literally means “report, report”. It is easy to guess that, in the…

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Celebrity photos

Famous people are always in sight and everything connected with them is popular and attracts the attention of millions of people around the world. Therefore, photos of celebrities made by both professionals and amateurs are in demand and interesting.

Photos of celebrities for many years represent a separate genre of photo art, and its history dates back to the middle of the nineteenth century and goes back to the time when daguerreotypes began to appear. The first users and clients of the photo studio not only made their portraits, but also bought beautiful photos of celebrities.

Such photographs often cost more than ordinary portraits, and the owners of the photo studios tried with all their might to photograph a famous person and provide them with a good source of income. Sometimes celebrities asked for a fee for permission to photograph themselves, but even in this case, the photographer did not remain at a loss.

Photos of celebrities (genre of photography of famous people in photo art)

Challenges and features of celebrity photography
Photography of famous people is a rather complicated genre, but also very interesting. A photographer almost always works on a specific timeframe, since popular people tend to have a very tight schedule. And even if you have agreed on a photo shoot, the time will be very limited.

Everything should be thought out in advance and organized, not only in terms of equipment, but also in terms of stylists, makeup artists and additional accessories, if they are needed. In addition, it is important to plan the entire photo, the whole process of shooting, set up the camera and only after that ask the celebrity to pose in front of the lens.

The main idea in this genre is not a portrait of a celebrity, but the creation of an interesting image, a new perspective, the search for an unconventional solution for shooting. It is important to discover the essence of a person, to show his character and mood.

However, if the goal is an advertising photo, then you will also have to enter the mood, posture and emotional message within the scope of the advertising task of shooting.

Goals and Objectives of Celebrity Photography
The main focus is on a high-quality picture, a competent and beautiful photo.

At the present time, photographing popular people has turned into shooting either of people caught off guard, or in an overly staged photograph. This is not to say that it was always like this. Even in the early 90s there were many other types of portrait photography of celebrities who are not exposed to abundant processing in computer programs.

A professional photographer who decides to do a photo session with a popular person will try to show his inner world and soul, the qualities that make a person attractive and interesting. It becomes more of a documentary, revealing and exploring the lives of famous people, their world and the environment. This will be the goal of celebrity photography.

How to choose the right angle for a photo?
Perspective - the position of the camera relative to the plot. While photographing, it is impossible not to notice the impact it has on the entire composition of the photograph.…


History of advertising photography
American historians believe that the first advertising photographs appeared in the XIX century. Of course, they were not as bright and beautiful as in our days. During its rather long…