Technical Photography
Technical photograph - a detailed photo image of an object, object or technical apparatus / machine, etc. Technical photography is necessary when you need to accurately display on the image…

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Tourist photography
Travel photography (from the English expression “travel photo”) is a separate genre of photo art, which reflects the traveler’s impressions and feelings, travel observations: natural and cultural characteristics, ethnic nuances,…

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Photo collage
The word “collage” itself comes from the French “collage”, which means “sticking” and implies some artistic result (a work of art or graphics) created using this same sticking - objects,…

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Tourist photography

Travel photography (from the English expression “travel photo”) is a separate genre of photo art, which reflects the traveler’s impressions and feelings, travel observations: natural and cultural characteristics, ethnic nuances, people with their emotions and characters, historical and natural monuments, interesting details terrain and so on.

This is one of the most common genres, since each person, taking a trip, takes a camera with him. Travel photography is not only landscapes or the image of the architecture of cities, it is a whole direction that has brought together various genres, starting with portrait photography and ending with photo montage. However, there are certain features and approaches.

The main distinguishing feature of such photography is the choice of photographic equipment (it is very difficult to take the entire set of lenses and light filters with flashes on the trip). The technique should be universal, comfortable and practical.

Distinctive features of travel photography
The photographer is immersed in his environment, enjoying the scenery and nature. It helps to take natural and natural photos, not bound and without tangible posturing, to get documentary and beautiful photos.

The same can be said about the animal world. When a photographer has time to get used to animals, and animals have the opportunity to get used to a person, you get unique shots that pay for your time and effort. Animals do not behave shyly or constrained.

Travel photos tell us about various interesting places and, often, viewing such pictures plays a crucial role in choosing a place to rest.

The main difference of a travel photo from the rest is that such a photo tells about the characteristic features of a country or region, reflects the essence, conveys nature, people and landscape features.

Genre variety of tourist photography
Photos of this type include:

landscape photography
genre photograph,
street photo
portrait photo.
This can also be attributed sometimes and artistic photographs, and surrealistic shots. The only genres that trad-shots usually do not include are staged, advertising, and studio shots.

Goals and objectives of travel photography
Depending on where and for how long the traveler travels, both the goals and objectives of the photo change. If you are going to a large city, then it will be cityscapes, portrait or architectural frames. And if we are talking about a trip to the sea, then, of course, there will be landscape or genre shots.

Most often landscape shooting excludes a person from the frame. In a rural or urban landscape, the basic idea is to convey the characteristics of a still, static day and night life.

If we want to show the dynamics of life, its movement and flow, then this is another kind of – street photo. A street photo shows city life in the flow of events, in its urgency, beauty, mobility and randomness.

Portrait photography is also often found in this genre, but, as a rule, it is in the nature of a genre photo. Genre shots are the most common, and they are most successful for travel photography. It is they who best of all reflect not only the way of life, but also the character and way of life of people, here you can fully display your vision of the country, cities, villages and surrounding spaces.

Nuances and details of tourist photography
Most of the photos are taken during trips to various cities. Architecture and rapid urban life are becoming a very frequent subject for photography. The lights of the city at night are impressive and fascinating, creating beautiful pictures, especially if you make long-exposure shots. Special attention should be paid to parks, embankments, flower beds and fountains, as well as old buildings and bridges. The charm of cities is especially noticeable in the rays of the setting sun.

It is interesting to look at the details of the architecture: stucco houses, lampposts, arched windows of windows, patterns of stone walls.

Another significant part of city life is the people themselves and their daily lives. For a photo, every current moment of life is important, its uniqueness, its dynamism.

In addition to people, cities are also inhabited by dogs, cats, birds. This is the favorite characters for shooting. Animals give “warmth” to the frame, and birds make any photo spectacular and bright. It is interesting and pleasant to work with animals, they charge with positive emotions, create a mood and very often harmoniously fit into the composition of the frame.

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