How to photograph clothes?
To make a high-quality, informative and attractive photo for the advertising catalog, you need to make some efforts. We present important recommendations that will help you cope with this task…

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Paparazzi photos
Paparaction photos are not so much an interesting genre and art, but rather a complex skill. The main task is to convey the “piquant” moment that happened to some popular…

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How did the selfie and selfie stick come about?
More recently, photos of girls in a mirror posted on social networks caused a grin. Taking pictures of yourself seemed like the height of narcissism and stupidity. But since about…

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Story Photography

The plot in the photo is an elusive moment, fleeting, and the plot itself is a small life. To be able to show it all in one frame is a real talent.

Subject photography is an event captured both in time and in space in a photographic image.

In the subject photography it is very important to convey exactly the action, the event in its position both in space and in time. The event should not be outside these planes, i.e. the viewer must understand where and when the imaged occurs.

In the subject photo, the presence of a theme is obligatory, as well as an idea; the photo must have a definite and obvious meaning.

Scene photo features
Costumes, accessories, and the location of the shooting must be carefully chosen for the shooting. The idea may be different – from the image of a brave knight with a beautiful lady of the heart – to the kid, who knows the world and takes the first steps. This is a photo in which everyone can see the plot, the game of images and an interesting, unusual “report”.

It can be said that on the photo there is a unity and interweaving of reality and the photographer’s attitude to it, his aesthetic and ethical perception of reality, and his philosophy. It is important to correctly position the objects and objects of the photographed plot, observe the requirements and rules of visual harmony, pay attention to the elements of the foreground and background.

The main task of each photographer is to draw the viewer’s attention to the photo and hold this attention for a long time, to cause a desire to see other works, to enjoy scenes, colors, the game of images. It is a good story here plays an important role.

Nuances of subject photography
Such a photo should reflect the depth of feelings of the characters. At the same time the subject photo has the back, average and near plan. Only with the help of two-dimensional images can one convey the three-dimensionality of the real world around us.

Each important detail of the photographed scene should be well lit and have bright colors, or contrast with the rest of the details.

You can include foreground objects in the story, even if they are not sharp. Objects that move quickly should have a lot of space. The viewer must see where the object is going, otherwise the photo will look unnatural and frozen.

The main detail that forms the plot is usually not located in the middle, since it is a small shift to one of the sides that has a stronger effect on the audience.

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