Tourist photography
Travel photography (from the English expression “travel photo”) is a separate genre of photo art, which reflects the traveler’s impressions and feelings, travel observations: natural and cultural characteristics, ethnic nuances,…

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The invention of photographic film - the beginning of mass amateur photography
With the development of digital technology, photographing on film has become the lot of professionals or fans of this method of shooting. But at the end of the 19th century,…

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Documentary photographs of German military officers, made during the Second World War
Photos are an amazing thing. They allow you to look into the past and become a direct participant in the events of bygone days. The burned Soviet villages, Wehrmacht volunteers,…

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Street photography

Street photography, which is also called street photography (from the English expression “street photography”), is an interesting genre of photo art. Photographing takes place in a public place: park, on the beach, city street, etc. A street photo can be a documentary, but it is not limited only to documentary.

Street photos – the vision of beauty in the ordinary and everyday. This is an opportunity to catch the fleeting moment. You can learn this by lonely walks around the city, paying attention to detail.

At that moment, when photographers began to carry out their cameras from cramped studios, objects and people from the world around us began to appear on the images: passersby, cars, sidewalks, shop windows.

Features of shooting street photos
Most often, the objects for shooting – ordinary people. The genre of street photography can be described as a genre that completely rejects and does not accept posing and staged photography. It is important to capture the relationship in society and the situation in its natural form.

The main thing here is spontaneity and observation, readiness to photograph everything that appears in front of the camera lens and what seems to us exciting, emotional, meaningful and interesting.

The next important point – unplanned photography. There should be no hint of a staged frame. Photos that were created at events always differ from spontaneous shots on sensations – it’s difficult to make a “random shot” at a planned event. But they still can be attributed to street photography. This genre is always open for experiments.

Any city is a “living” organism, the inhabitants are in constant motion. Something the city looks like a big “anthill”, and the photographer is very important to be in this stream, and follow your characters. But it is worth remembering that shooting in motion is not always good and necessary.

Details and nuances of street photography
It is impossible to fake the emotions that we convey with the expression of our eyes and smiles. A photographer shooting a portrait in the style of street photography, should first focus on the eyes. This is the most winning option.

However, photographs are not limited to the plot only by contrast, movement, color nuances or geometry. Very often, attention is paid to less significant elements: accessories, clothing items, hands, individual items. Such objects can suddenly play in the new light on the photos and tell their story.

Each of the scenes of street photography is unique and requires its own approach. In the frame does not necessarily have to be a man. Photographers pay much more attention to human nature itself, the environment, the world around it, than to man himself as such. Most often, the city gives a lot of topics for reflection and observation, offers an interesting plot, in which, by the way, there may well be people.

Such frames help to reveal and convey the urban spirit, and the very presence of people will be traced and well guessed.

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