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Wedding portrait

Wedding photography as a general genre is interesting because it combines two styles at once – reportage and staged portraiture.

Wedding portraits occupy the most important and significant place in photo albums, they become an ornament of the album and most often fit into frames. Newlyweds pose for the photographer, take part in pre-arranged plots, and photographs are obtained in a romantic or classic style. Less often, photographers work with retro-style.

In this case, the portrait at the wedding can also be both spontaneous and preset. It all depends on the experience and imagination of the photomaster.

A good photographer works so that people do not hesitate to camera, not clamped in front of the lens. It becomes a peculiar story about a beautiful wedding day, and it reflects all the happy, solemn and cheerful moments, colorful and vibrant.

In addition to production shots, it is important to catch random, but bright, spontaneous moments; emotional and unexpected facial expressions.

Reportage and staged photography in combination is exactly the genre in which most photographers are now shooting portraits at weddings.

It is impossible to shoot equally well all day long from the beginning (when the bride does her hair and makeup) to the end (when guests already forget about the newlyweds and happily dance on the tables). For seeming ease, wedding photography hides hard work that requires constant attention, sobriety of thoughts and concentration.

Building a plot of wedding portraits
Staged shooting is completely created by the photographer. He is looking for scenes that are best suited to a couple. In addition, each wedding has a number of recurring moments, which also need to be ready and take a convenient place in advance for shooting. Newlyweds and guests, as a rule, obediently obey the photographer and accept the offered poses.

One of the highlights is the meeting of the bride and groom on the wedding day. By tradition, the groom should not see the bride in a wedding dress until the appointed day. Delight, joy, surprise and happy smiles at the time of the meeting – the most valuable shots that can not be missed. The painting, the exchange of rings and the first kiss of a husband and wife, as well as a beautiful exit from the registry office, when friends and relatives shower confetti, coins and rose petals on newlyweds, can also be missed

A good moment for spontaneous shooting is the episode when the newlyweds get into the car after painting. They are slightly relaxed, slightly flushed, in a pleasant anticipation of a beautiful celebration. At such a moment you get beautiful and calm portraits, happy and joyful.

The portraits of the bride become the pearl of the photo shoot. Using various artistic techniques, you can reveal the inner world of the bride, her sensuality, femininity, beauty, individual traits and mood. This is a very important part of any wedding photography.

Features of shooting a wedding photograph
Wedding portrait – almost always training and staging. A special photographer who has been working in this genre for a long time knows how and where to photograph a bride or groom. In continuation of the shooting, the photographer should lead the entire process, advise, make recommendations, as well as create a festive mood, evoke appropriate emotions.

So it will be possible to avoid the “stiffness” in the photos and embarrassment. Then the brides will turn out in the photo image of carefree, happy and charming.

Most often, photographs of the bride are made throughout the holiday and in different settings and options. This is a preparation for the celebration, and the expectation of the groom, and the ceremony itself, and on a walk, and in the car, and at the banquet. This is how a harmonious and versatile image of a young person is created.

Many shots are obtained and randomly, when the bride does not specifically pose. Such photos are full of nature and genuine joy, emotion, feelings and happiness. These are valuable frames that adorn any photo album, and you need to try to capture each of these moments.

Shooting a wedding and creating a wedding portrait is a difficult, but interesting business. Events that unfold in front of the photographer, occur only once. It is very important to be able to combine several types of shooting at the same time, to approach their work creatively, to improvise, but to observe and emphasize the personality of the newlyweds.

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